HABITAT | a short film by JAIME CALACHI

"In a dead-end room lives a slave of the system, addicted to the computer mouse and a reality show that never ends. Obsessed with an illusion, his dream is to go to the paradise that he has seen in a TV commercial...with just a flick of a finger."

- World Premiere: Fantasia International Film Festival 2021 - Canada 
- ONLINE Premiere: Beyond The Short 2022 (Worldwide)

- Best Fiction Short Film: Festival Cortos Ciudad Real - Ciudad Real (Spain)
- Best Short Film: iFilm Festival - Los Angeles (USA)

- Awards Short To The Point 2021 - Bucharest (Romania)
    - Best Short Film; Best Director; Best Cinematography; Best Script; Best Production Design
- Best Fiction Short Film
Madrid Sci-fi Film Festival - Madrid (Spain)
- Best Spanish Short Film: 7th Fixion Fest, Fantastic & Horror Film Festival 2022 - Santiago (Chile)

- 2nd Best Short Film: Cryptshow Festival - Badalona, Barcelona (Spain)
- Semi-finalist: Dumbo Festival 2021 - New York (USA)
- Honorable Mention: Short Film Factory (Bucharest)

- FICIE (44 Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche) - Elche (Spain)
- Sant Joan D'Alacant 21 Edition - Alicante (Spain)
- Terrorificamente Cortos - Festival Cine Fantástico Castilla y León (Spain)
- Feratum International Film Festival 2021 - México

- Galician Freaky Film Festival - Vigo (Galicia)
- Panorama Competition FantBilbao 2021 - Bilbao (Spain)
- MIFF (VIII Montelupo Fiorentino Film Festival) - Montelupo Fiorentino (Italy)
- 5th Berlin Revolution Film Festival - Berlin (Germany)
- LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest - San Juan (Puerto Rico)
- Grimmfest (Manchester's Festival of Fantastic Films) - Manchester (United Kingdom)
- 11 Cinefantasy (International Fantastic Festival) - São Paulo (Brazil)
- Galacticat VIII Fantastic Short Film 2021 - Tárrega (Spain)